Have you felt your presence?

Yesterday, I struggled to find the right words as I was talking in my class about the importance of gratitude in our lives. While I tried to give examples and stories, I came away feeling I could not transfer the essence of my experience to participants. Words escaped me. Maybe I was not feeling the sense of gratitude that I was trying to communicate. Even though I noticed it as I spoke, the technology of allowing words to flow escaped me.

When I start to speak from my heart on a topic that touches me that day, I feel in the zone, I feel I can go my entire life on that topic, I receive perspectives that I have never before imagined, I speak words that I haven’t spoken before and might never repeat. When I feel that gratitude, words flow, silence flows, magic happens. I don’t need to think, I don’t need to process; it is all there, I just need to pick what is there and create a sound that transmits what already is. I become the shopkeeper, who without applying his mind/logic or method, sleepwalks to the right shelf and picks up the detergent you asked to hand over to you, making you feel as though there could be no other place for that detergent. He becomes a mere transmitter.

I feel precisely that way when I feel a sense of gratitude; when I know that everything I have is so beautiful compared to how imperfect I am. To me, gratitude is that feeling that brings unbounded love, unlimited energy, uncomplicated wisdom, and allows you to be a presence simply because that is the only place you’d ever wanted to be.

By - Gowrisha

December 16, 2016

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